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About Us

“Kathie’s Gifts and Accessories”, was founded by Kathie Hughes during the summer of 1980 in Harrisburg, PA as Kathie’s Christmas. Kathie had been an elementary School Teacher with both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Indiana University of PA when she decided to open a Christmas Store. As a child Christmas was always a magical celebration for her and her brothers and sisters the children of Hungarian Immigrants. This caused her to dream about celebrating Christmas every day of the year. The opening of Kathie’s Christmas in 1980 was her “Dream Come True”.

Over the years Kathie has operated stores in Philadelphia; Altoona; Harrisburg; Camp Hill; The Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY and The Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. She opened her current location in Maywood, NJ during July 2013. Over the years, Kathie’s has evolved from a Christmas Store to a Christmas & Collectibles Store and today is a Fashion Accessories Store.

At the end of 2012 Kathie semi-retired when she sold her main store in Camp Hill, Pa. Today her daughter Jennifer operates Kathie’s Gifts and Accessories and Kathie helps out on a regular basis. Jennifer, who is an actress that has been on Broadway, has always loved the business and started helping out as a young girl. Jennifer has previously operated the stores in The Palisades Center and The Garden State Plaza in addition to the current location in Maywood. After more than 36 years in business, it is our staff and our customers that motivate us to continue in these difficult times for small a Brick and Mortar business. We THANK YOU for your continued support because we cannot survive without you! Kathie is thrilled to pass on her business to Jennifer and she hopes that Kathie’s Gifts and Accessories will continue for generations to come.

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Benefits of shopping small and at Kathie’s........

We are friendly

At a small business, chances are you’ll be waited on by the owner, a member of their family, or someone who reports directly to the owner. This proximity to the boss makes for better customer service – something that can be hard to find at larger stores.

Our local economy will benefit

Shopping small creates and supports local jobs. Each time you purchase a product or a service on Main Street, you are helping to pay the salary of a friend or neighbor.

Our national economy will benefit

Historically, two-thirds of net new jobs in this country are created by small business. Small firms are also responsible for over half of national GDP. There’s nothing small about that.

Sometimes less is more

Let’s be honest – sometimes you’d rather have to choose between a handful of television sets or warm boots instead of a warehouse full of them. Your local retailers have done some of the legwork for you – offering a select inventory aimed at matching what you’re looking for in terms of quality and value.

We give back

Research shows that over 90 percent of small-business owners contribute each year to their communities through volunteering, in-kind contributions, and/or direct cash donations. That means your purchase of a good or service at a small business is a great way to “pay it forward.”


136 W. Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ  07607, kathiesgifts@aol.com,  Phone: 201-226-9555

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